How does it work

The CityTraffic method counts footfall in more than hundred shopping areas in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.


Real-time insight

Alert function

98% Accuracy

Link to WhatsApp, email, website, matrixbord

The scanner uses stereoscopy technology and measures from a certain height to count people. By defining people’s head and shoulder the scanner can distinguish people from other objects. By using this technique big crowds can be detected easily and accurate. The footfall counts are real-time visible in a user-friendly dashboard. In addition, it is possible to link the counts to WhatsApp, a website, digital information board, and via an email notification. These different solutions make it easier to manage crowds and intervene at an early stage.

Infrared sensor

Easy to install

Suitable for every outdoor location


Measures the walking direction

An infrared sensor is a simple solution to measure footfall. The sensor is placed at a height of approximately 1,5 meter and counts people via a horizontal infrared beam. As soon as a person crosses the beam, a person is counted. It is also possible to determine the walking direction. No personal data is processed.


Counts unique visitors

Deduplicates footfall in an area

Measures the dwell time

Range of 30 meters

The sensor measures the MAC addresses (WiFi signals) of mobile devices. These MAC addresses are mainly from smartphones, but can also be from iPads and laptops. Counting is done when a signal is seen. There is no connection established with the device. The MAC address is pseudonymised directly on the sensor and anonymised on the server. A smart processing method makes it possible to accurately calculate the number of visitors per half hour. The sensors are placed by local shop owners. They are our network partners. Smart software ensures that residents and staff are not counted. MAC addresses refer to the hardware, to the device, not to a person. We must treat these MAC addresses as personal data. You can read here how the CityTraffic method counts the footfall privacy-proof.


Mobile sensor with fixed power

Easy and suitable for temporary solutions

Can be used for events and outdoor spaces

Counts the unique visitors

Can be expanded with a solar panel

The mobile sensor is a standard sensor with a mobile internet connection via 4G. The advantage of the mobile sensor is that it can easily be used for temporary solutions. For example, when counting passers-by during an event or a potential retail location where an entrepreneur wants to know how many passers-by walk past the door. The counter only needs power, when not using a solar panel.

Mobile sensor without fixed power

Mobile sensors with solar panel power can be installed in places where there is no power available. The installations are equipped with a battery and inverter. A mobile sensor can be used in nature reserves, beaches and dunes, but also near waterways and dikes.

Mobility viewer

Wide range

Measures cyclists, pedestrians and cars, among other things

Designed to install on existing lampposts

Can be used as a real-time crowd management solution

The CityTraffic mobility viewer can distinguish pedestrians, cyclists, cars, trucks, buses, scooters and even dogs. The viewer also makes it possible to analyze where people walk, where cyclists cross the road and how long and where trucks are loading and unloading. This application measures completely privacy proof, no images are saved. The mobility viewer is therefore active in several countries and is a success.

This is what we count

CityTraffic measures footfall, fully automated, in the main shopping streets of the Netherlands and Belgium, since 2010.

Thanks to our advanced technology, we do not only measure footfall but also the number of unique visitors and their dwell time.

Based on these insights we create different reports.

What are the costs?

You can receive the footfall countings per week, day, or month. It is possible to purchase a subscription that allows you to view the data on our platform. Access to the CityTraffic software, for one city, is available from € 399. When you would like to receive data from other cities as well than the costs are € 199 per city, per year.

It is possible to contact us, and we will prepare a tailor-made offer. Footfall countings have never been so accessible.