How do we report

Footfall countings are a means to come to an broader question, not an end in itself. That is why our data analysts and our consultants work together daily, and that is why they look for the question and the solution on your behalf, or in consultation with you.
If you prefer to process the footfall countings yourself, this is of course also possible. With our CityTraffic software, you have access to all footfall details per location. The app provides insights into footfall daily, right up to yesterday. But you can also set up a dataset in Excel or an API (application programming interface) with us so that the data is processed in your reports.
Need support to interpret the countings? We have the knowledge to put the footfall trends in a broader perspective, and we offer a series of ready-made reports.

Get started with our data


The CityTraffic software lets you determine precisely how busy it was in a particular street or city in half-hour increments. You can see, per day, what the weather was like with regard to temperature and rainfall. The CityTraffic software is an excellent footfall analysis tool, also for the inexperienced analyst. In addition to insight into footfall per sensor or shopping area, CityTraffic software also gives you the percentage of new visitors, dwell time, visiting frequency, visitor flows, and footfall distribution in the measuring area. You can export these countings to pdf and Excel, or have it automatically sent to an e-mail address.


The dataset contains footfall, presented in an Excel file. With this, you can directly analyze the countings, and no software is required to obtain data. It is possible to receive the countings in half-hour increments. A dataset gives you periodic access to footfall, contrary to the app and the software which provide the latest visitor trends, 24 hours a day.


We offer the possibility to set up an API connection with our database to send data to your server or dashboard automatically, so your users always have the latest updates at their disposal.

Ready-made reports

In addition to the options above for getting started with footfall countings, we also offer ready-made reports. In these reports, footfall trends from your city have already been analyzed by us, and we provide our interpretation of the data. We can also combine different data sources in the reports, for example, parking, tourism, or events data; this provides more in-depth insight into the performance of your city or store instantly. Benchmarking against similar cities or streets is easy enough; by upgrading your subscription.