Where do we measure?

We have been using the CityTraffic method to count footfall in Dutch and Belgian shopping streets, since 2010. We do this, among other places, in :

A1 shopping streets
Secondary shopping streets
Squares/outdoor food courts
City entrances
Parking garages
Market squares
Nature reserves

Grocery-oriented shopping areas
Target-oriented shopping centers
Event locations


Every week our network expands with new locations. We have national coverage which allows us to monitor national trends in de areas that are named above.

Installing sensors

In addition to the existing sensors, we can off course also install sensors for your shop or in your shopping street. Besides, we use mobile sensors that can be placed for a short period, for example during an event or construction activity in the area. We also have solar-powered sensors with 4G cards, which can be placed anywhere, even where no power or fixed internet connection is present.

We count at many spots in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

Curious if we measure at your location?

Do you want to know if we count footfall at your location? Or are you curious to learn what the options are for placing sensors at a new location? Feel free to contact us.